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Whether you need a knee sleeve for pain relief, everyday stability, or to provide compression, support, and improved circulation during and after workouts, choose the knee sleeve New You.

If you suffer from runner's knee or are just plagued by chronic knee pain, the four-way stretch material New You Knee support also provides compression to help stabilize the ligaments and kneecap and will provide comfort. Aid in surgery recovery, runners & jumpers knee, meniscus tear,arthritis, tendonitis. This sleeve offers big benefits, but is small enough to be worn under your clothes.

This high-quality compression sleeve will improve circulation while it provides support. And the silicone top band ensures this sleeve will stay in place during your workout.

It can also be worn post-workout to improve blood flow, thus decreasing recovery time. This sleeve can also help to minimize swelling from a mild injury. If you've sprained your knee, this sleeve can prevent any extra damage. It's made of   breathable material, you'll like  to wear it.


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